Mike French is an author and the owner and senior editor of the prestigious literary magazine, The View From Here which has been called many fine things since it started in 2007 including, "Attractive, informative, sparkling and useful" by the late Iain M. Banks and for having a “great passion and drive” by Booker shortlisted Tom McCarthy.

Mike’s debut novel, The Ascent of Isaac Steward came out in 2011 with Cauliay Publishing and was nominated for The Galaxy National Book Awards which due to an unfortunate clerical error was awarded to Dawn French.

Born in Cornwall in 1967, Mike spent his childhood flipping between England and Scotland with a few years in between in Singapore. Splitting his time between his own writing, editing the magazine, running workshops and working with atp media in Luton, Mike is married with three children and a growing number of pets. He currently lives in Luton in the UK and when not working watches Formula 1, eats Ben & Jerry's Phish Food and listens to Noah and the Whale.

Mike's second novel a dsytopian sci-fi called Blue Friday was released in 2012 by Elsewhen Press and was nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke award 2013. Convergence, his third book, was released in October 2013 from Elsewhen Press and was also nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke award 2014. 

Blue Friday

 Nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award 2013

Blue Friday is the second in the Dandelion Trilogy. The third book, Convergence, will be released on the 25 Oct 2013 and in paperback on Dec 30th 2013

"A whizz of a slick, smooth read satirising the modern quest for the work-life balance with real finesse ... a well executed ballroom dance, light (in the most positive sense), well directed, sharp and elegant." Juxtabook
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"This clever, beautifully written story takes the notion of “family friendly working hours” and follows the idea to a terrifying conclusion." The Compulsive Reader

"Great satire on the modern obsession with a work /life balance." Juxtabook

"A great mix of humour and sinister 'what if's'." Writer's Little Helper

"A rare and rattling good read - from the Kafkaesque duo of Brittle and Stone to the innocent boy Faron, these characters get under your skin and into the deep dark recesses of your mind. Surreal, fast, witty, satirical and brutal. All a dystopia fan could wish for!" Author Frances K Brown

"Breathtaking, dystopian, nightmarish and sometimes downright scary. George Orwell for the 21st century." Author & Poet George Polley

"Witty with the wry humour that only satire can impart and all readers will find some resonance in it. Go along for the ride and enjoy the experience."SFcrowsnest

"Clever, shocking and darkly humorous.” Risingshadow 

"One of those books that stays with you for a while.” BookLore

"A clever, amusing and thought-provoking satire." Lizzy’s Literary Life

Blue Friday is my second novel published by Elsewhen Press.

Blue Friday is set in a dystopian society in the future where working hours are strictly controlled by the government: if you're married and work outside the hours of 9 to 5 you're punished: if you're lucky by Enforcment agents if not by the Family Protection Agency (FPA)- who will probably kill you.  There is enforced viewing of family television, monitored family meals times and a coming of age where people reaching the age of twenty-five are married by the state computer if they have failed to marry.  The novel follows Leviticus, the leader of the Underground Overtime Network who fights for the right for people to choose when they can work.

Elsewhen's press release is here.  Here's a snippet  ...

Combining dark humour with a vision of the future that is almost an inverse of
the classic dystopian nightmare of 1984, Mike’s latest novel follows in the tradition of great Speculative Fiction satirists such as Jonathan Swift.

Blue Friday was published in a digital edition on the 1 September 2012 and was launched in paperback on the 10 November 2012 at the Novacon science fiction convention.

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Blue Friday Signings

Novacon Convention 9-11 November 2012
The Park Inn Hotel, 296 Mansfield Road, Nottingham. NG5 2BT, UK

Waterstones, Milton Keynes
Sat 24th November 2012
10AM onwards
Unit 72 ,Midsummer Place,Milton Keynes MK9 3GA, UK

Waterstones, Bishops Stortford
Sat 26th January 2013
10AM onwards
12 South Street, Bishops Stortford CM23 3AT , UK

Waterstones, Bedford
Sat 16th February 2013
10AM onwards
11-13 Silver Street,Bedford MK40 1SY, UK