Mike French is an author and the owner and senior editor of the prestigious literary magazine, The View From Here which has been called many fine things since it started in 2007 including, "Attractive, informative, sparkling and useful" by the late Iain M. Banks and for having a “great passion and drive” by Booker shortlisted Tom McCarthy.

Mike’s debut novel, The Ascent of Isaac Steward came out in 2011 with Cauliay Publishing and was nominated for The Galaxy National Book Awards which due to an unfortunate clerical error was awarded to Dawn French.

Born in Cornwall in 1967, Mike spent his childhood flipping between England and Scotland with a few years in between in Singapore. Splitting his time between his own writing, editing the magazine, running workshops and working with atp media in Luton, Mike is married with three children and a growing number of pets. He currently lives in Luton in the UK and when not working watches Formula 1, eats Ben & Jerry's Phish Food and listens to Noah and the Whale.

Mike's second novel a dsytopian sci-fi called Blue Friday was released in 2012 by Elsewhen Press and was nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke award 2013. Convergence, his third book, was released in October 2013 from Elsewhen Press and was also nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke award 2014. 


Submitted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award 2014

"A totally different kind of a science fiction - surprisingly imaginative, disturbing, chilling, addictive." Risingshadow

"Draws on the great traditions of sci-fi writing to examine the human condition in the most extreme circumstances." MurderMayhem&More

"A quite extraordinary book, mesmerising and compulsive." Diziet 


From Galaxy Book Award nominee 2011, Mike French, Convergence is a chillingly addictive journey into the world of brain manipulation.


"The story is everything. And everything will become the story."

Convergence concludes the powerful and inventive Speculative Fiction trilogy, The Dandelion Trilogy and follows on from the Arthur C. Clarke award nominated novel Blue Friday. It can also be read as a stand alone book.

Released 30 Dec 2013 as a paperback ...


Released 25 Oct in all ebook formats

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Definition: Convergence Point - a lifetime’s worth of memories contained within an infinitely small amount of time.

When the Convergence Project manages to record a Convergence Point, a shimmering orb is brought into being that expands out destroying the earth. Inside the Orb is paradise, a beautiful, sun-drenched, lush environment where humanity and nature fuse and beauty, love and hope are woven into the landscape...

The Convergence Project is a covert military/governmental science project that uses prisoners on death row to explore what happens to people as they die. The experience of life flashing before your eyes, just before death is a process called active retrieval where memories are being recalled and lived out again in the mind.

As the amount of time before death decreases the brain exponentially increases the speed of playback and starts looping: repeating over and over a lifetime’s worth of memories. Each playback makes the memories stronger and retains more detail. Eventually an infinite playback speed is reached forming a memory singularity called a Convergence Point, where the ‘moment’ lasts for ever and the person effectively enters an afterlife of their own making.

Killing subjects by lethal injection within an enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Core, brain activity can be imaged moments before the Convergence Point forms. The ‘near’ Convergence Points are downloaded into neutral clones which effectively decode the brain patterns back into memories. These Convergence Clones undergo psychoanalysis to try to gain an understanding of the death experience.

Featuring an extraordinary cast of characters and a labyrinthine plot that twists and turns, Convergence is unsettling, ambitious, lyrical and utterly gripping.

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